August 10

Dallas State And Federal Habeas Corpus Lawyer Provides Web Resource

Habeas Corpus - New Resources by Broden and Mickelsen

Dallas Habeas Corpus Lawyer Provides Web Resource on State And Federal Habeas Corpus Criminal Defense.

Leading criminal appeals lawyers in Dallas have published a comprehensive web guide with case law, FAQs, and recent outcomes to help the general public understand Habeas Corpus and Appeals. The Resource comprises of:

What is Habeas Corpus?

“A habeas corpus petition is like a lawsuit. The defendant must prove to the court that his conviction or sentence is unlawful, or that he or she is demonstrably innocent of the crime. Usually, a habeas petition involves presenting the court with new evidence and often involves an assertion that the original attorney on the case made a significant error in his or her representation of the defendant. “ Read Mr. Mickelsen’s full resource on habeas corpus here.

About Board Certified Criminal Appellate Lawyers

Dallas Criminal Appeal Lawyers Broden & Mickelsen partners each have decades of experience representing clients in criminal appeals for federal courts and Texas courts of appeals. “Most criminal appeal attorneys have experience in only a few courts; we, however, have defended clients in appellate courts throughout the State of Texas and in Federal courts of appeals around the country. In addition, we have filed numerous Petitions for Writs of Certiorari with the United States Supreme Court.” – Dallas Dallas Criminal Defense & Appellate Lawyers

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