January 15

Broden Mickelsen Offer Information on Important Criminal Defense Topics

Appellate attorneys focus primarily on the post-conviction process but they can also be a key asset during the trial.

(Dallas) January 15, 2020 -  Broden & Mickelsen, experienced criminal defense attorneys serving the Dallas Metro area, has announced the recent addition of two new articles to be published to their website blog. As a respected voice in the legal industry, Broden & Mickelsen takes the opportunity to share their insights with the community through their website blog. 

“We’ve found that many of our clients aren’t initially clear on the differences between an appellate attorney and criminal defense counsel,” says Clint Broden at Broden & Mickelsen said. “Appellate attorneys focus primarily on the post-conviction process but they can also be a key asset during the trial.”

Broden & Mickelsen further describe the differences between criminal defense and appellate attorneys educate on Texas Court of Appeals to rule the state’s harassment statute as unconstitutional.

“Electronic harassment is a serious issue, however, it’s also notoriously difficult to prove,” Clint Broden added. “Recently, the Texas Court of Appeals ruled that the state’s electronic harassment statute is unconstitutional based on the vagueness of the wording contained within the document, and how it may be misinterpreted in the courts.”

There is a lot to understand about criminal defense and appellate law. If you’ve recently found yourself facing charges in a criminal investigation or have recently had an unfavorable ruling against you in court, Broden & Mickelsen are the experienced legal team in Dallas that can help. Broden & Mickelsen offer their depth of criminal defense expertise to the Dallas area, and they are available to help and answer your questions about white-collar crimes and other areas of criminal defense law. 


Broden & Mickelsen are a team of criminal defense attorneys representing the Dallas area. With more than 50 years of combined experience in criminal and appellate law, Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen have earned multiple accolades and awards, including being awarded Thomson Reuter’s Texas Super Lawyer every year for more than a decade. For more information or a consultation, contact the office of Broden & Mickelsen at 214-720-9552



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