August 09

Broden and Mickelsen, Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers, Release a Free Online Resource on Frauds and Scams.

The free resource provides details on what to look out for to avoid getting caught up in several types of common fraud and scams.

Fraud and scams are unfortunately commonplace and can result in victims losing large sums of money. Dallas criminal defense attorneys Broden and Mickelsen, who have decades of combined experience defending clients in white-collar crime cases in both state and federal courts, have created a free resource describing and explaining five common types of frauds and scams in Texas.

Broden and Mickelsen are committed to providing a vigorous defense to individuals charged with a crime. The free resource provides details on what to look out for to avoid getting caught up in several types of common fraud and scams, including:

  • Telephone scams, which involve scammers using deceptive phone calls to attempt to steal personal information.

  • Charity scams, which involve scammers using the guise of a fake non-profit organization to steal money.

  • Investment scams, which come in many forms, but most commonly involve scammers using deception or misinformation to invest in the stock market, generally leading to profit for the scammers and losses for the victims.

  • Banking scams, which involve scammers engaging in a variety of deceptive activities to obtain the banking information of their victims.

  • Ticket sales scams, which involve scammers

Broden and Mickelsen urge anyone who has been accused to seek legal counsel immediately. Such allegations can ruin the accused’s personal and professional reputation, and potentially put them at risk for large fines and lengthy prison sentences. The Dallas Criminal Defense lawyers have expertise in:

Various Federal Charges

White Collar Crime

Healthcare Fraud

Cyber Crimes

IRS Tax Fraud

Drug Crimes

Child Computer Crime

Various Texas Charges

Grand Jury Investigations

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Of A Child

Assault & Aggravated Assault


Intoxication Manslaughter



Drug Charges

Police Brutality & Non-Violence Arrest

Discussing Your Case with a Broden & Mickelsen Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with criminal offenses you need to discuss your case with a criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling white-collar crime cases. Broden & Mickelsen provides aggressive and ethical representation to individuals and businesses accused of criminal offenses. The firm accomplishes this through its unique team approach to criminal defense, which involves both partners actively participating in the case.

To achieve a favorable resolution, they evaluate each case individually and utilize all the resources available. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has certified criminal defense attorneys Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen as experts in criminal law for trials and appeals.


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